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Multi-Pack - (10) PM2.5 Filters

Multi-Pack - (10) PM2.5 Filters

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These filters are designed to fit into Marwin Sports Advanced Multi-layer Mask, we are not responsible if filters do not fit other brands mask.  

PM2.5 mask filter, anti haze and dustproof square arc active carbon mask filter, 5 layers of protection for dust, fog, haze, vehicle exhaust.  Made of filter cotton, the filter is breathable, windproof, sweat-absorption, comfortable and skin-friendly.  The filter element of this mask has 5 layers of protection, bringing you a safe breathing experience.  Active Carbon Filter: The filter can isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, fumes, particulates and common airborne irritants.  The filter features unique ventilation design, excellent permeability, smooth breathing, easily be doubled up for extra filtration.

Package Contents: 10 x Mask Filters

Wholesale Pricing in Bulk use code below at checkout:
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**No returns or exchanges allowed due to safety concerns.

Disclaimer: These filters are not a replacement for medical-grade PPE. No warranties, either expressed or implied, that the filter prevents infection or transmission of viruses or diseases or airborne particles or is suitable for a particular use. We shall not be liable for the use or misuse of filters, the decision to use filters is solely your own.

^Promotional offers and codes not valid on this product. (Except wholesale  codes above)

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