Cleaning Process:
- Invert the garment prior to cleaning, this can help prevent damage from other pieces in the wash.
- Sort and wash differently colored and white pieces separately.
- Employ lukewarm or cool water for washing.
- Use a gentle cleaning agent.
- Make sure to promptly take out clothes from the washing machine once the cycle finishes.

Drying Guidelines:
- We highly recommend air drying by hanging on non-metal hangers.
- If using a tumble dryer, keep the settings to low heat or air-only.
- Ensure clothes are removed immediately once the drying cycle ends.

- Refrain from using metal hangers as they could cause rust stains.
- Avoid washing in hot water.
- Do not use an iron.
- Avoid overfilling the washing machine or dryer.
- Dry cleaning is not advisable.
- Chlorine bleach or similar products are not recommended.
- Do not use fabric conditioners like Downy or Woolite as they can lessen the moisture wicking capabilities of the fabric.


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